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The Story

Humanity has been wiped out by a deadly pandemic created in a laboratory.

Only the male kids and a nameless little girl have survived.
The survivors have no memory of the past, they live in small neighborhood
gangs and know only one law: 
the law of the strongest.

Fighting tournaments are organized everywhere and the common hope
is to qualify for the Metaborg, the world’s most important fighting
tournament taking place in Kapitale, the city of destiny.
The winner of the Metaborg will face the little girl, the warrior goddess. 

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Metaborg artwork 1/1
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Road map

09 Mar 2022


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I made these two paintings as inspiration for this project. Jonny’s body is covered in 75 tattoos, 75 emotional memories that tell in detail the experience of a lifetime. This is exactly how I would have wanted to tattoo my body If I hadn’t had a skin disease that prevented me from doing so. There 15 no such thing as an entirely tattooed 12-year-old boy. The adult human being grows up and forgets his inner child that remains asleep forever. This work is an abstraction, a way to allow me to remember that my inner child is always alive even as life goes by. This manga is a way to allow all readers to try to get back in touch with their inner child. 

Quadro Fronte
Quadro Retro

Metaborg NFT Manga Issue #1

Jonny Boy looks at Kapitale, the city where the Metaborg, the world’s most important fighting tournament, is held.

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Frequently asked questions

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